Photon Resetting (Seemingly) At Random

I have my Photon controlling a short NeoPixel strip with some very simple code. It’s basically just calling Adafruit_NeoPixel::show() every loop(). I also have a simple pull-down button that switches the code from its initial static color to a dynamic color display. I can tell when the chip resets because the code restarts in the static mode.

This is code that has run on an Arduino Uno for months at a time without interruption/resetting.

On the Photon I have not gone for 12 hours without the chip resetting on its own. Sometimes it resets in as quickly as 5 minutes. Other times it takes longer. However, whenever I wake up in the morning, it has always reset overnight.

Normally my Particle LED is breathing cyan, of course. I have noticed that the resets correspond to the Particle LED doing one of two patterns:

  1. flash red, then solid white, then flash green, flash cyan, and finally (after resetting) breathing cyan

  2. flash green, then flash cyan, and (after resetting) breathing cyan

Is this perhaps related to issue #672? I am not using TCPClient, so I am guessing not? I cannot try an earlier firmware version, as I use the CLI for compilation.

I am new to Particle and web programming in general. Arduino vet trying to expand.

Thoughts? Tips? Tricks? Known issue with a fix incoming?

This is the same as issue 672. A fix is coming in the 0.4.7 release, which we hope to release today.

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Great news! Thank you.

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@Forged, recording here that I too have suffered from random resets (sometimes hours, sometimes minutes between) since moving to 0.4.6 + THREADING + SEMI_AUTOMATIC_MODE.

Am not using TCPCLIENT. Am using NeoPixel and SparkIntervalTimer libraries.

Will report back when 0.4.7 is released.

Cheers - @UMD

I also think the cloud is a lot to do with them resetting.
I have one photon sending data via httpclient which I had to be downgraded to 0.4.5 , and a second on 0.4.6 just running blink , they had been running without any resets for days until the othernight, where the both had reset.
I noticed one post which said “was the cloud down ?”

Random resetting seems to have gone away with 0.4.7 (more testing to do, which takes time of course). Excellent!

Ran for 24 hours without a reset. Thanks!

I`ve also not had a single reset since 0.4.7 , BUT one of my projects which uses TCPCLIENT l found this morning locked solid , but my other project which uses a I2c display to tell me the run time in second and rss value , plus the amount the wifi and cloud was diown , which shiows 43600 seconds up time , wifi down for 11 seconds and cloud down for 3500 seconds.

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