Photon P1 console update failed - now goes directly to Safe Mode

We use the Photon P1 to control coffee roasters around the world. I recently did an update through the Particle Console for a client. The updated somehow failed and now the P1 goes straight into safemode. It stays there for some time and then restarts. It connects to the cloud but I can’t give it a new update. The customer put the P1 in safe mode and then I was able to flash a new firmware, but apparently the update fails and it goes back to blinking magneta. I’m not a developer as you might have understood.

The P1 is a part of a product.

I would appreciate any help as the roaster is located halfway around the globe from me…

If you are updating the DeviceOS version with your new code (you compiled the code to a newer DeviceOS version than is on the device) then you can expect a period of blinking magenta while the DeviceOS is being updated. As soon as all system parts are updated, the P1 will get back online, breathing cyan assuming the updated code is not problematic.

May be a bit late for this advice, but rolling out an update to a remote device without first testing the same thing on a local device is always a bit risky.
But when taking the risk it’s good to keep an eye on the events log of that device during update to see what is happening. In case of an auto-deviceOS-update you should see mulitple events streaming in keeping you informed where the process is and when it is finished.

However, if a auto-update got interrupted during a critical stage it may be best to contact support and let them know which particular device it is so they can have a look at the logs.

Thank you. The update was tested. We have about 5 different versions compiled and accessible in the console. I was just changing from one to another. We do this at a regular basis and I’ve never experienced a problem. Often the update will be triggered the next time the customer turns the roaster on. I will contact support, thanks.

Thank you for your reply. We waited about 20 or 30 minutes for the initial update to be performed. Normally takes 1-2 minutes. Now there is no cyan, goes directly to magenta after WiFi is established at startup. Then does a restart after some time and loops through these steps “forever”