Photon No Listen or DFU Mode - Flashes Yellow - Off 2 Secs - Yellow

Of the many Photon’s I have recovered from near death this one has me stumped.

  1. Will not ever go into listening mode (blue flash)
  2. Reset+Set --> blinks magenta then yellow 7 flashes then 2 sec pause; repeat 7 yellow flashes forever
  3. DFU mode is not recognized in CLI “Particle update” -> “no detected devices”


That’s probably either a hardware failure or a corrupted bootloader. In either case, you should submit a support ticket. There’s a small chance you could fix the bootloader by flashing a new one by SWD/JTAG, but that’s not an expected LED sequence, so I’d lean toward hardware failure, and the Photon can be replaced.

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I will checkout support!