Photon Interrupt Simultaneous Pin Usage


I am trying to use A3 and D2 in a Photon at the same time but for two different porpoises. D2 will be an interrupt while A3 will be an ADC reading.

The documentation says:

Please note following are the pins for which EXTI lines are shared so only one can work at a time:

  • D1, A4
  • D2, A0, A3
  • D3, DAC
  • D4, A1

I can assume that this means that I can only use per line ONE of it as interrupts at the same time. (Example: Only D1 or A4… Or only D3 or DAC). But They can be used simultaneously for different porpoises when only one will be used as interrupt?

Just wanting to make sure :smile:

@frlobo, you are correct. Only one of the pin “pairs” can have an interrupt attached to it but the other pin can be used for GPIO purposes. :smile:

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Just another quick clarification please. Does that mean that I can use A4, A0, D3, and D4 simultaneously as interrupts as long as I am only using one from each of the listed sets?



@DominickS, you are correct! :wink: