Photon Initial Setup Error

Trying using particle-cli with particle serial wifi via USB or particle setup wifi using AP

Strange. It shouldn’t be blinking green - the wifi credentials should be erased so it goes directly to listening mode.

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What power source are you using for the photon?

I was able to send Wifi info via particle serial wifi, and now its blinking green again. But just blinking and not connecting.

I have a Core next to me and it connects and works on the same wifi, so Wifi is OK.

USB from my docking station (Lenovo). Which works fine for the Core.

Can you hold down SETUP for 10 seconds to clear the wifi credentials. The LED will flash blue slowly after 3 seconds, then quickly after 10 seconds. Then press reset. The restart sequence should be:

  • fading white LED for a second or two
  • then slow blinking blue LED

Did what you said, after flashing blue quickly, then I hit reset and it goes to fading white for a second, then blinking green.

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Uberstrange. Could you run this command for me, and email the dct.bin file to mat at

dfu-util -d 2b04:d006 -a 0 -s 0x8004000:32768 -U dct.bin

The version of system_pad_BM-09.bin that was updated to the releases page was wrong. I’ve just corrected it. Could you please flash 0x8020000 and let me know! Thanks!


After flashing the new system_pad_BM-09.bin, the Photon’s RGB goes white and the D7 LED is on dimly.

When I unplug the Photon and plug it back in, the RGB is instantly to white with D7 dim again. The RESET button has the same affect.

Doing a Factory Reset on the Photon, after it flashes white, I release SETUP and it just goes back into the same state as described above.

Can you leave it breathing white for a moment and see what happens?

When you place the device in SAFE mode (blinking magenta) what happens?

Its not breathing white, just white.

Tried safe mode and it does the same thing. Goes back to instantly white (solid, not breathing).

Solid white means that the device has stalled, since not even the 1ms system interrupt is happening to update the LED.

So,we had more luck with the reset.bin file. At least that got through the initialization code and onto setting up Wifi.

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Let me try the reset again.

After flashing the reset, the Photon goes to blinking green again. Did a reset of the wifi credentials and setup my correct wifi, but it just flashes green.

If I hit reset, white (breathing) comes on, then starts flashing green and thats all.

You got me stumped! I’m out of ideas! :slight_smile: Do you have access to a JTAG programmer?

If so, we can try fully erasing the Photon and restoring it to factory condition (although the steps we’ve taken so far should already have done that.)

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I do not unfortunately.

I will keep playing with it and maybe I get lucky. Otherwise I will have to order more :smiley:

Thanks for all the support!

Hey @Carsten4207! Go ahead and email if you can’t get it working. Refer to this thread. They should be able to sort out a replacement for you if it seems like an unfixable hardware problem.

I just flashed your dct.bin that you mailed me - managed to reproduce your problem - I get flashing green after resetting Wifi credentials! Yay, progress! :smile:


Thanks Christine!

I actually had 2 pre-orders and canceled one 7 days ago. I would like to reopen that order if possible. I’ll hang on to this Photon. Maybe we can get it working now that @mdma was able to replicate the issue.

I emailed this AM already :smile:

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