Photon HID Mouse works on some computers only

I bought the Photon since the Argon does not support HID. I wrote some code to simply right-click at an interval for a boring part of a game and to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. It works great on some computers but not on others. I’m guessing it is a driver issue but I’ve tried deleting the device and plugging back in to no effect. Other HID devices (Adafruit Trinket M0 and Adafruit ProTrinket) work just fine on the same machines so I know it is not a USB port/cable/Win 10 issue. Ideas?

Could this be your issue (standing since February 2019!)

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Thanks but no, your code runs fine on one of the machines which does not respond correctly.

More info. Device Manager shows a HID-compliant mouse for the machines where the Photon functions correctly but “Unknown Device” on the non-functional ones. I cannot find a way to make it install the correct drivers to recognize it. Any clues?

Run standalone Windows Drivers Installer]( I also uninstalled the old drivers with this tool. Now works as expected.