Photon going solid green

Back in 2014 you folks helped me get my Photon equipped Teddy Ruxpin talking through a Parallax EMIC2 text to speech unit. It worked great.
I am having trouble getting it working again. The Photon plays the ttsdemo for a couple of sentences and then goes to solid green. I used Particle Doctor with good results (i.e. pulsing green) but then it repeats the fault, going solid green.
Used mermaja’s routine from Sept 20, 2015. This cleaned out the code and enabled me to load in the simple blink an LED. Things were fine. When I then tried the ttsdemo again the solid green came on again.
I have had the same results with another Photon.
I am wondering if the EMIC2TTS library has been changed. Another program in the EMIC2 suite asks SoftwareSerial.h in support of the EMIC2 library.
Any thoughts?

Hi David- The Teddy Ruxpin project sounds awesome! I’ll try to replicate the issue. What device OS are you using? To me it sounds like the library is broken, but can’t be sure.

To get the Photon back to working order, try the device restore tool. It should get you back to breathing cyan.

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