Photon Crashes On Startup After Power Outage With Solid Orange LED

One of my photons seems to irrecoverably crash if we have a power outage at our house. Upon power restoration, the photon powers on and simply displays solid orange led on the RGB LED indicator.

It does not run the user code, even with system thread enabled; and does not connect to the particle servers. It will stay in this state indefinitely until I either power cycle the device or press reset, after which is functions normally.
Interestingly, I can’t recreate the problem, it only seems to occur during a house power failure. Perhaps it has something to do with the 120v voltage fluctuations when power is restored to the house?

I power the Photon with a Samsung usb wall outlet directly into the Photons USB port.

The device’s purpose is to simply send a JSON payload every 6 seconds to our server containing the temperature of several points in the furnace.

Short video of the Photon Due to my camera not focusing right, the LED looks more red, though I assure you its “DFU” Orange :slight_smile:
Cheers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you press and hold the SETUP button before powering it and see if the RGB led blinks?

Sorry I was away for a bit,
I’ll give your suggestion a shot next time I see it problem again.
I still can’t reproduce the issue, but I can now say that it doesn’t seem to be just power outages that cause it to occur.
I’ll post back here when I get some more information.

I too have experienced this exact case as described. Is there a defined mode indicated by the solid orange light? I suspect power fluctuation too, but it s a bad mode to get stuck in. My devices are remote and not easy to get to. I am thinking I need an external watchdog IC to fix this.


Unfortunately you’ll probably need an external WDT for a solid color failure. Solid colors should not occur; it means the processor stopped executing code to update the status LED, causing it to stay in the last state it was in. This could happen if an interrupt service route entered an infinite loop with interrupts disabled, or could occur for a power issue.

I use the TPL5000 because it’s tiny and inexpensive, and the longest setting is 64 seconds, which is long enough to do an OTA system firmware upgrade on a Photon or P1.

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I just saw a solid orange LED on a device I am testing that was running OK yesterday evening. There was a short power outage overnight. The device has a built in UPS system which reported that it kicked in - then appeared normal after that. The WiFi and router power was lost so got diagnostics report of
( = 1024). Could the orange be a keys issue (flash orange) that brought down the processor?