Photon, A6 is no longer an analog input? Is there a fix for this?

It was not some weird state of the A6 pin.

It was the fact that VBat has change to a power input. VBat was 3.3v* the suggested power source for sensitive sensors on the core.

Right now Vbat outputs a voltage of .03v where 3.3v* output a steady 3.3v !

Ah, I was hoping I did not have to re wire these PCBs ! Maybe there is a jumper I can solder to get vbat back to 3.3v Does anyone know ?

It seems that A6 is still an input, but by default it is mapped as a DAC

From the (new) documentation:
12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) inputs (0-4095), and also digital GPIOs. A6 and A7 are code convenience mappings, which means pins are not actually labeled as such but you may use code like analogRead(A7). A6 maps to the DAC pin and A7 maps to the WKP pin.

I saw that too, A5 is giving me the same serial value as A6.

I guess there is something wrong in my analog sampling routine.

Its VBAT !

I wired up my sensor to 3.3v* with the spark core. Now its vbat !!!

So I have to re wire my 20 Prototype PCB’s

No, there is no option to reassign 3V3* to VBAT, but it’s perfectly acceptable (even recommended) to bridge 3V3 to VBAT as long you don’t use VBAT for its original purpose (a decoupling cap would also be good to use)