Photon 2 SWD debug using J-Link and Workbench / Windows

Hi, looking for some advice on getting this configuration working if possible. I can get as far as JLinkGDBServerCL.exe starting, and it appears to be loading the app code. But just after that it prints this error message:

ERROR: Timeout while preparing target, RAMCode did not respond in time (PC = 0x0000533E, XPSR = 0x61000003, SP = 0x00082098)!
Failed to prepare RAMCode using RAM
Error while determining flash info (Bank @ 0x08000000)

Through the VS Code debug controls I can start and stop the core, but it never goes anywhere (dark LED).

My configuration in launch.json looks like this:

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Replying to myself for posterity:

SOLUTION: Doing the following steps seems to have addressed my issue:

  • Reconfigure the J-Link for CMSIS-DAP mode using J-Link configurator
  • In the VSCode debug view: Select the "Generic DAP-LINK compatible debugger" configuration
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