Photodiode and resistor

I am moving from the Argon to Photon 2 in a course that I teach. I used to use the photodiode and resistor on the breadboard to measure light. I need to have the same setup for the Photon 2.

Can you please tell me how I can have my students purchase the breadboard, photodiode, resistor, and jumper wire for the Photon 2? I am trying to keep the costs down. Also, what type of resistor?

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The Argon starter kit appears to include:

In two places in the docs it's previously referred to as a photodiode, but it's really a phototransistor. And the model isn't really significant. However, be careful when substituting because not all of them are flat on top and are instead shaped like a T1 3/4 LED, which is very hard to tell the difference between that and a clear case LED.

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Thanks Rick. You have been helpful!