Peak Current For Boron 2G vs 3G


I recall reading on the datasheet that the peak current for Boron is 1800mA in 2G mode and 800mA in 3G mode. However when looking at the datasheet again, I see that these values on the datasheet (i.e. Boron datasheet | Datasheets | Particle ) are the other way:

Looking at some older posts, I see that that some people also mentioned 1800mA for 2G and 800mA for 3g as per my memory:

So I guess my question is, what is the actual peak current for 2G and 3G modes on the Boron? Is there an error on the datasheet?

The labels on those two rows of the Boron datasheet are reversed. It’s 800 mA for 3G and 1800 mA for 2G.

Thanks for the information and clarifitcation.

I guess please make sure Particle corrects the swap on the datasheet. :grin: