Electron 2G vs 3G when both on 2G network

I wish to know whether the Electron 3G is more power efficient than Electron 2G, when both are using 2G cellular?

I read that Electron 2G has a current surge of 1800 mA, while Electron 3G has a current surge of 800 mA (when on 3G connection). Does Electron 3G has same current surge as Electron 2G, when on 2G network?

Your 800 mA for the 3G models does not look correct to me. It should be about 1600 mA, including the power consumed by the Electron itself.

However, there is no one number as it’s not just the peak current, but also for how long you’re using that current. In general when using a 2G tower, it will consume more power than 3G, regardless of whether you’re using 2G fallback on a 3G model (U260, U270, or U201), or using the 2G model (G350)

The best thing is to measure the current in your operating conditions, as there are so many variables involved. You can also check out the current usage tables in the data sheets, but they’re kind of confusing and hard to compare.