Does the Particle Electron 3G support 2G on poor coverage?

Hello from Norway! I’m considering the Electron 3G for a project will be used on a tour in Norway, mostly used indoor in various theatre halls. Probably most of them made of concrete, with the Elctron being used in subfloors in some occations. Locations that often can reduce phones to drop from 3G to 2G connection. So my question is then, will the Electron 3G do the same? Or should I get the 2G version if coverage is the most important?

Bonus question 1: Does the Electron have enough ports to sensor from 6 separate pushbuttons and blink 6 separate LEDs?

Bonus question 2: How long do the battery last on standby, with the occational 1 second LED blink?

Thank you!

Yes, the ublox module used for the 3G networks have a 2G fallback

  1. It depends on the kind of sensor you are using and how you’re going to hook them up, but you have 30 GPIO pins at your disposal

  2. That greatly depends on your definition of occasional :wink:
    but for a rough estimate you can use the figures found here

and divide the 2000mAh (take only 80% of that) by the current stated at your desired sleep mode (standby would be deep sleep), minus whatever you’ll need while you are waking up and awake.

As you see, looking at the docs, most info can be found there :wink: