PCB Recommendations for ESeries

We are currently iterating on our support board for the ESeries and were wondering about adding traces and via’s underneath the ESeries module on the top layer as well as the other layers. We do acknowledge the exposed pads on the bottom of the module and will connected these appropriately, but will having signal/power traces/via’s directly under the module on the top layer add interference or possible damage to the module or to the support board? Should we try to avoid having any traces/via’s underneath or is their some guidance we should follow if we can?

Aside from avoiding the interior pads, it’s OK to have traces and vias on the top layer of your board, directly under the E Series module.

If you have the flexibility because you have a 4 or more layer board, being more conservative of what you put directly under the module on the top layer is best, but it’s not absolutely required.

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