Eseries Flash Options?

I recieved my E series kit and 3 spare modules. But no flash is installed.

What are the flash chips part numbers available?

Also will the flash chips be installed on future order?

@wesner0019, I believe the flash is a volume order customer option. I am asking the Particle folks if they can share the recommended part number(s) for the flash.

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@wesner0019, the good Particle folks (@will) have spoken:

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I just assembled this Chip on the E0 and the pads dont seem to match very well. The Flach IC extends past the pads on the E0. @will

@wesner0019, the 8-SOIC package comes in different widths. The Particle folks may have passed the wrong link. Right chip, wrong size.

The Macronix MX25R1635FM2IL0 (as per link) has a package size of 0.209", 5.30mm Width.

The Macronix MX25R1635FM1IL0 has a package size of 0.154", 3.90mm Width.

Notice the ONE DIGIT difference. I suspect you may need the smaller version though I would suggest taking a quick measurement to verify.


Aye apologies for that. @mohit should be able to clarify the specific package and width for that flash unit. We can also add that to the E Series docs if it’s not already in there.

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You can easily roll the legs of a wide SO8 chip underneath the body like an old fashioned J-Leg package at which point it fits quite nicely on a normal SO8 footprint. Not ideal but it can get you out of scrape…

We chose the narrower version of the 8-SOP package to save on space. The exact part number that it was tested against is MX25L4006EM1I-12G which is the 150mil version of the 8-SOP. Apologies for the earlier confusion.


@mohit thanks! Do you know if this was tested with the Flashee Library by chance?

It was just a functional test and no libraries were used in particular. @mdma might be able to give some insights into FLASH memory libraries.

@mdma @mohit @peekay123 the P1 uses a (from its datasheet):

The WM-N-BM-14 have one 8M SPI Flash in the module. This devices work voltage need
3.3V power supply. It is provide 512 bytes of OTP memory that can be used to store critical
user data such as Ethernet MAC addresses or cryptographic keys. It have 86MHz speed.
For information on programming, erasing and protection of this 8M Flash memory, please
refer to the Macronix MX25L8006E

But the MX25L4006EM1I-12G is only 4Mb.

Would this PN be a more direct replacement:
Macronix MX25L8006EM1I-12G?

Could this make a difference?