PC Hotspot -Firewall port and Photon connection

Good Morning I use Photon connect to my pc with the Hotspot. My FW don’t permit me to working with Photon. For this I should disable the FW. So I’m traying to create a rule with open for the specific IP Addr. from my Photon the port 5683 (with all protocoll). But dosen’t work. I’m using Norton Internet security.
Thanks for suggestion

Does the hotspot work with other devices?

Thanks for your response. No the hotspot comunicate only with Photon. I have a sim card to connect the internet and activate the hotspot.


Computer —> home internet and Mobile hotspot —> Photon?

In this case, there is no reason why the web tools will not work…

Are you able to use the Web IDE or Dashboard?

I am using web ide or I can try to use dashboard. Do you have some suggestion? For this two?
I am watch the led some time I have led with flash red twice and go back to flashing green very speedy.

You might want to check the hotspot since it seems like the photon is not connecting to the :cloud:

Thanks for your suggestion to looking between the hotspot and the sim card configuration. At the moment this problem not resolved but now i’m sure is not from your site. Thanks for your help Valentino