Past Console Usage reports now available via the Console and the API

Hi Particle Community,

TLDR: Today we rolled out a way to access your past account usage history, via either the API or the Console.

Hi all :wave:

Since the launch of the new commercial model, customers have tracked their usage in the console Billing tab. One strong piece of feedback we received was to allow access to past usage reports.

Today we’ve rolled this feature out. You can access a report on your past console usage via either the Console or through an API. Users can go to their Billing & Usage tab in the Particle Console & find the section “Historical Data”.

There you can select the type of report you want (per device, per product) & how long back you want it for and it will submit a request to generate your Usage report. In short order, we will email you a CSV, detailing your device or product data operations usage over the time period requested!

If you would like to do this in a more automated fashion, check out the API here and a brief description on how you might script this here.

We’re excited to rollout this feature and hope this makes it easier for customers to view past usage and investigate their device behavior.


this is a great feature, thanks Shaykat for letting us know.


This is great information to have… I wonder with those with hundreds of devices, what will you use to browse and analyze the data set? Will most people just browse the raw data this report generates?

I’ve been wanting to learn Power BI and these seems like it could give me a reason to go explore Power BI. Are there other applications that could chew/visualize the data set easier/quicker? Just curious…