ParticleSoftSerial - Mesh version

The ParticleSoftSerial library is indispensable due to the dearth of UARTs on the Particle micros. I heard that it is not compatible on the Mesh devices.

Are there any efforts to port it?

Thanks in advance.

Since the hardware timers and interrupts on the nRF chips are considerably different to the ones used on STM32F the port of the SpartIntervalTimer library on which ParticleSoftSerial depends may take a while longer.
As soon that’s out the way I’ll be going to port ParticleSoftSerial to mesh devices too.


I just checked any my SC16IS740 I2C/SPI hardware UART library does work on mesh devices.

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Thank you @rickkas7. I have a custom board so it would not be practical to add another component. Of course this is very useful for new projects.