Does anyone know how many UARTS will the new mesh products have?


Just wondering if anyone knows how many UARTS besides the USB will the new MESH products will have ?

Seems like only one will be exposed thru the chip pins?


I don’t have the answer, however the nRF52840 has two hardware UARTs.

It’s quite possible that only one will be accessible, however, due to the limited number of pins that can be exposed through the Feather pinout.


Thank you.

I have an application where I will need 3 serial ports, at 19200 bps.

Do you think a 2 software serials would be possible with this mcu?


The clock speed on the nRF52840 is slower, so that might be an issue, but I don’t know how fast the interrupt serving is, that will be the main bottleneck. If you handle each port sequentially, for example send and receive data, then move to the next one you should be fine.

If you need to continuously receive from all ports at once at 19200, that will be more of a problem. I’d use the SC16IS740. It’s an I2C UART. You can connect 4 of them to a single I2C port (pins D0 and D1 on the current devices) and works up to 115200 baud. Each has two 64-byte FIFO to hold the data for sending or receiving.

That link is to the Particle library for it. It should work on the mesh devices as it just uses the standard Wire interface.