Is there any Timer Library for Mesh Devices

I have tried a couple of the Particle Timer Libraries with Mesh Devices. They either give compile errors or compile but do not run correctly.

I understand the reason is attributed to how the new processor handles interrupts. So my question to the community is are there any working Timer libraries?

The term “Timer library” can be interpreted in multiple ways (HW timers, scheduling, RTC setting, …)
What exactly are you after?
Which libraries have you tried?


Hello @ScruffR,

HW Timers. I used the SparkIntervalTimer (did not compile), and the SparkCorePolledTimer (compiled but resets micro).

SparkIntervalTimer will need some more time before peekay123 will be able to update it for nRF52840.

SparkCorePolledTimer isn’t really a HW timers library but rather a wrapper for millis() timing.
If it may your device reset, that’s probably due to the callback function. But to actually know we’d need to see your code.

Thank you @ScruffR.

I will wait then for the SparkIntervalTimer since SparkCorePolledTimer is not a HW timer.

@Jimmie, as @ScruffR pointed out, I am waiting on the Particle folks to free up hardware timers for me to use in a new version of SparkIntervalTimer. The nRF52840 has different hardware with only five hw timers, four of which are currently used by the Nordic SoftDevice and the Particle DeviceOS. They may be able to free up one or two of these hw timers for a total of three timers available to the user. However, there are plenty of more important items to add/fix before timers are addressed.


Once that library is updated, how difficult will it be to use the hub75 RGB LED panels with mesh devices? I see the RGBMatrixPanel library needs SparkIntervalTimer.

Assuming it will be possible, will the appropriate featherwing: be compatible with the mesh boards? At the very least, the RGBMatrixPanel library hardcodes the 6 RGB pins differently from the featherwing but that’s not a huge hurdle.

I do have a couple of spare Photons around, but the simplicity of the featherwing board is looking pretty good.