Particle's Supplier for LiPo Battery

Can particle share their source for the LiPo battery used in their kits? I checked with and they do not have a match for the battery. I already purchased 20 from a source I found on Alibaba, but they wires were too short and the polarity of the connector is reversed. I’d like to not spend the time modifying them. Surely this will help users if we can buy the exact spec. battery from the same source. It is taking a lot of time to try to find a source. I designed our product around the dimensions of the battery particle used to sell.

@TomEldredge Would this page help?

Yes, I think this will help. Thank you very much! I will try to contact the company particle has been buying from. The other batteries from other sources that you listed are not exactly the same physical size.

Who do you use for the breadboards? I’ve bought some rubbish ones in the past but the ones in the particle dev kits are great.

I have plenty of them from Particle. Great for projects with grandchildren.

I’ve got a few now from dev kits but wanted some bigger ones

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