ParticleDev APP (OSX) differences to WebBuild

Hey folks,

Since a week I try now to port my arduino program to the spark.
Got some parts working, but some are just not, a thing that push me back massivly is the fact that the ParticleDev app on OSX is not compling in the same way as the WebBuild does, I have always to put the code in the WebBuild to get a binary that is actually working and flashable, as the ParticleDev App just seems to ignore a lot of compile errors and warnings and than throw me back a unusable binary. This is very annoing when you have multiple libaries and files and try to split up some of them to hunt down those nasty problems, as you have always to switch the apps in the webbuild and no comparsion features or the possibilty to view multiple files at once.
Question is, is there a way to work around that or to fix the IDE?
Call me old, but somehow i can’t get used to an WebIDE in complex projects…

Best regards

@Lord_X_Press, the Particle DEV tool is certainly a work in progress. However, because it uses the same build farm as the Web IDE, what compiles on one will compile on the other. I have never seen it produce a “garbage” bin file since it usually just fails compiling. What I have seen is a lack of clarity on which files are creating the errors listed by DEV.

When I build using DEV, I put ALL the files in single directory. Using subdirectories does work but I trust the flat directory approach more. I have also found that using Particle CLI gives me the details I need regarding the compile errors. Make sure you have the latest version of both of these apps.

The folks at Particle have been super busy bringing the next generation of Particle devices to us folks and a lot of changes and improvements are coming down the pike. :smiley:

So I found out what the problem is, the APP is just not capable of compiling a .ino file that is not located in the undestroyable first created folder, so choosing different path just leads to compiling the file from this folder again.
Also a strange problem, but easier to work around.