Particle USB Device Helper for Mac

I wrote this a year ago and apparently forgot to tell anyone. Also, I forgot that I wrote it.

It finds Particle devices connected via USB to your Mac, and allows you to map between useful things. I imagine this would be very helpful in test environments and in setting up new devices for a product creator.

For example:

  • It can list all of the connected devices, in normal, listening, and DFU modes.
  • It can find the serial port (/dev/cu.usbmodemFD3161) for a device ID (if the device is running system firmware 0.6.0 or later) without changing the device state.
  • It can find out if the device is currently in serial or DFU mode.
  • It can switch the device in and out of DFU mode (blinking yellow).
  • It can switch the device in and out of listening mode (blinking blue).
  • It provides the proper value to pass to dfu-util -d if you want to program the device directly with dfu-util.

Thank you for all the hard work you do!