Particle Tools Changelog

June 29th 2017: Firmware v0.7.0-rc.1

Hey friends! We have released a new pre-release firmware v0.7.0-rc.1. Available now on for Core/Photon/P1/Electron.

This is a BIG release that has a lot of great new Features, Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • [Photon/P1] WPA Enterprise support added! [Docs]
  • [Photon/P1/Electron] DFU transfer speeds increased! v100 bootloader is now 41% faster than v7 and 60% faster than the latest v11.
  • System firmware now restores public server key and server address if missing
  • Added CRC checking to the Electron DCD & Photon/P1 DCT implementation so that write errors are detected. Added a critical section around flash operations and around DCD/DCT operations to make them thread safe.
  • Fixes possible corruption of event data in multi-threaded firmware
  • Use backup registers instead of DCD/DCT to store system flags to avoid chance of a DCD/DCT corruption
  • Improves stability of TCP server implementation

See the full changelog here