Particle Snowflake - Turning Speaker off

I set up my Particle Snowflake and it is beautiful. Is there any way to turn the speaker off? It plays an annoying jingle every so often.

Another user posted a fix in Github. User feedback says that it compiles but will not run. It supposedly makes it possible to mute the device from the console.

Any other solutions out there? This is really annoying.

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Hey folks,

We are posting a new version right now to and I'll look back when it's up there. This will disable the sparkle keyword detection by default when it's pushed and I'll loop back to notify when it's up there.

The sparkle keyword detection worked great in testing, but it turns out not to have enough background noise mixed in with the data set and it kept triggering during my holiday festivities. A lesson here in ML learning I think - the output is only as good as the input!

If you are interested, you can explore the ML project that compiles this here: - its got a lot of voice samples input into it, but I suspect we need a factor of 10 or more with varying types of background noise and near misses etc...