Particle Photons not staying connected

I’ve got 7 photons throughout my house that perform different home automation tasks (6 are used to control my blinds, and 1 is used as a garage door opener). The problem I’ve been having is that a few of them have a problem staying connected to the cloud. The image below shows my log. You can see that “Master_Closet” and “Master_Bed_1” go on and offline repeatedly. I seem to have the most issues with these two devices, but I’ve noticed a few others have done the same.

The “Master_Bed_1” device is in the same room as three other photons, and the others don’t struggle nearly as much, if at all, staying connected to the cloud. Also, all four of them are running the same firmware.

Any idea what could be causing this behavior? I would think it was a weak wi-fi signal except that my other devices don’t have issues.

I would guess weak wifi signal as well.

Can you try using an external antenna or move it nearer to the router and see if they are more stable? :slight_smile: