Particle Photon WiFi Setup

I just tried to connect my particle photon to my iPhone and at first it was blinking blue like normal, recognized the Photon and its WiFi, but when I selected the WiFi it kept connecting, then disconnecting and never sent me to the next screen in the setup. Eventually it did but there was another error in the setup procedure. I “unclaimed” the Photon thinking that I could start from the beginning again and now when I try to connect it there is a mix of cyan, then red, then green, etc. And I am lost on the initial setup now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can try setting up the Photon on a computer with particle-cli. This thread should help:

So you can just copy and paste those commands into the command promt of node.js?

You need to first install particle-cli with

npm install -g particle-cli

And then paste the commands into your terminal.

While the device is blinking blue, try getting it onto wifi with:
particle serial wifi

Put the device into listening mode (blinking blue) again, and get the device id:
particle serial identify

Make sure you are logged into your Particle account:
particle cloud login

When the device is breathing cyan:
particle cloud claim DEVICE_ID
To claim the device.