Particle photon pins [beginner question]

Hey guys, I just got my photon kit last week and im going through the documentation pretty smoothly. However, my knowledge on the pins are very vague, and I can’t seem to find an explanation for each pin in the guide section. Specifically saying, Im not sure what GND does. Would love it if you guys can teach me.

Thanks in advance.

@yuyaaaar, GND is the power ground pin of the Photon. Voltage is always measured in reference TO something else. In most applications, this is ground. On the Photon, the GND pins (there are 2) are connected to the USB shroud so that the Photon and your power source (PC, charger, etc) share that common ground reference. The same would apply when powering via the Vin or 3V3 pins - the power supply ground and the Photon GND must be shared.

If I may suggest, learning basic electronics may be your best first step. There are excellent books and tutorials available. :smile:

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