Can 3V3 to GND damage the device?

Hey, I’m very sorry if this is a dumb question. I’ve recently been given a Particle photon, and when I was working with some spare parts from old devices that I dissembled I accidentally connected a 3V3 wire directly with the GND wire. As a result the particle would do a soft reset.

My question is if this can damage the device in any way. I’ve read trough the manuals and it says that the max input voltage is 6.5V, and that most pins handle even 5V well. I only want to go extra safe here as I’m new to this, so sorry if my question is a bit unnecessary :frowning:

@CTXz what happens when you power the Photon via USB?

The over current protection should kick in but this is not advisable as the component is “damaged” each time you do that. :wink:

I would usually disconnect power to any electronic device, wire up, check, before powering on. :smiley:


All works just fine

I know this is a hard thing to answer, however just so I know, how often would you have to do this to truly damage the device. And is there any difference if the contact time between the cables was very short?