Particle Photon Max WiFi Range


Could people please advise the maximum outdoor distance they have achieved using the Particle Photon and an external antenna?



I got about 400 feet from my WiFi hotspot which was inside my home while I was outside testing range using the duck antenna. I thought it was a pretty decent distance.

I think the amount of other hotspots near you will affect your range greatly also.


Thanks RWB - sounds pretty decent. We’ll have our hands on some antennas next week so we’ll see what kind of distance we can get.



@RWB did you change anything in the firmware to get this? I noticed in another post they were suggesting we call a function to tell the photon which antenna to use, internal or external, I’m asking because with the external duck antenna, I get about 75’ max. @micdar, sorry if I hijacked your post.

Yes, you must use WiFi.selectAntenna().

This setting is very sticky. You only need to use ANT_EXTERNAL once and it’s remembered, even in safe mode, through user code flash, and system code upgrade. Also note that if you select ANT_EXTERNAL, and you remove the antenna, the Photon still won’t fall back to using the internal antenna no matter how bad the antenna-less connection is. ANT_AUTO will fall back automatically.

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Thanks for the help, this should help ALOT.

correct link :-