External antenna appears to not be working

I have a Photon with an external antenna. The Photon is in a metal enclosure and the external antenna is mounted on the outside. It appears the external antenna is not working, as the Photon drops offline when I close the door to the enclosure, There used to be a WiFi.selectAntenna() function that could be called to indicate the external antenna should be used. However, I can no longer find it. Is it sensed automatically now and how can I tell if it’s working properly?

It’s still there, and internal is the default, which explains what you’re seeing.


It sure is embarrassing when the answer is right in front of you! Sorry for wasting your time due to my inability to read! Now that it’s selected, the RSSI is great! Thanks!!!

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Whoa!!! Back up the bus! When I use your link, I find the function listed. However, when I go in with a fresh browser window, it’s not listed! Whazzup???

Make sure you have Photon selected in the upper right corner of the window. The Core doesn’t have the function since there are two different hardware models instead of a software switch. And, of course, the Electron doesn’t have WiFi.

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That was the problem…I never noticed that choice. Thanks!