Particle Photon and Spark Fun Photon Weather Shield -- power issues

Is anyone out there using the Sparkfun Photon Weather Shield:

I have my photon installed on it and all the sensors hooked up, but when I try to power the photon from the external power connectors (both the screw connector and barrel connector) the photon does not boot and connect to WiFi. It either stops at the white led display or reboots continually, only reaching the white led display point before it resets.

Powering the photon via the USB port works every time. I’ve tried power supplies in the 6 to 12 volt range (the voltage regulator on the Sparkfun shield can accept up to 12v) with as much at 5 amps capacity and still no joy.

I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the weather shield before I dive deeper into diagnostics?



you’ve soldered a barrel jack onto that board?

Yes, both the barrel jack on the bottom and screw terminals on top below the photon. I have confirmed that the resets only happen if WiFi is on.

I had the same issue. I was able to power with a 9v battery just fine.

In the end I had a high power 5v supply and I cut the trace on the board so it send 5v to the photon.

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