Particle OAuth /w multiple Amazon Alexa Redirect URI

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We are currently setting up OAuth for an Amazon Alexa Skill. All tutorials on the web and threads on this forum work with one Redirect URI. Amazon however has changed to a total of three possible Redirect URI (Layla, Pitangui, Alexa) that should be handled. Authentication fails, depending on whether I use a German / UK / US account to link to the service. Has anyone yet stumbled on or even solved this problem? Help would be greatly appreciated!



Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 or @blave

are you able to assist?

Sorry, I haven’t done anything with Alexa skills.

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Thanks @kyleg and @rickkas7 for getting involved. We have since figured out that using only one redirect URI works for now if set up with country specific endpoints for the lambda associated with the skill. I will follow this up with a detailed post on once we finished the project. Thanks!


When you do finish we would love to have the link in this thread!

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