Particle & Alexa OAuth2: "unable to link at this time"

I’m trying to connect my Photon to a custom Alexa skill, but cannot get the account linking to work. From my understanding, they should work together nicely through OAuth2. I have set up Particle authentication like so:

And amazon like so:

When I go to enable this through the Alexa app, it allows me to sign in and redirects me to Alexa with the error “We were unable to link [my app] at this time.”

I have no idea where to go from here, as the error message is non-specific. I’ve checked the documentation for both, but I don’t control either end of the authentication to check what HTTP data is being sent/received.

Thanks for your help!

Never mind I figured it out! For anyone in the same boat, the issue I had was actually with the skill itself and NOT the oauth, despite the error message suggesting a failure to link.


  1. disable account linking on your skill. If it still fails to enable, then your issue (like mine) is not the oauth but the skill itself. Does the skill build without errors? have you set up your intents correctly in Alexa and Lambda?