Particle Mesh will ship in October


Soon, @AlbertZerok! I can’t guess at the exact date, but you should see an email with your shipping info as soon as your order leaves our warehouses.

Sorry I can’t be of more help, I feel like I’m giving one of Blizzard’s famous “Soon.” answers, but I really do mean within a couple of weeks - I just can’t commit to anything specific.

Let me know if there are any other questions you think I could help out with.


October is almost done, and we haven’t received any email when to receive the *** items…no emails, no updates, no any contacts.

also, where is the timeline page? can’t access it anymore!


i just clicked that link “timeline” and the page that came up stated mesh dev kits shipping in november.


that’s what left in my browser that I used to accessed particle’s timeline. now, I can’t access it anymore… anyone who got the new link for the timeline? thanks.


yes. even the timeline link off the blog post does not show the actual timeline anymore. but in a project as massive as this timelines are a bit theory, as in best case if everything goes exactly as we hope, which it usually never does. my personal maxim is " it’s ready when it’s ready and not before" . most companies actually can not state the situation like that though. thing is release is closer than it was 2 months ago.


I hate these delays in mesh pre orders from Particle.
I keep incurring into big economic losses every week I do not receive the kit since I keep adding hardware to my pre order!!!

This is awful and totally unacceptable :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! We are sending out a community-wide email today or tomorrow to announce the beginning of Mesh preorder fulfillment. Shipping is still planned to begin in October, though it will likely continue into November due to the large number of orders we have received.

The November date that you see on the new mesh page is for new preorders placed through our retail store, which will be fulfilled after all preorders items have been fulfilled.

Hope that helps! In the meantime, please be on the lookout for address verification emails and credit card verification emails that might otherwise prevent us from being able to ship your preorder in a timely manner.



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