Particle Mesh will ship in October


Thank you for the answer. I don’t think that I have problems for the credit card… It’s a corporate card and not personal… We use this card from paying cloud services to buying hardwares. I checked it last night(+9 jst Tokyo time), but no charge yet. We received your email last week, that you are shipping, I hope you could have included in to your email to whom you are shipping.

Waiting again within this month.


I also have not gotten a charge or confirmation email for anything, and also used a corporate card. Should we assume, since we’re already in November, that our shipment will be delayed until sometime this month? If so, can we get some kind of timeline?


People are starting to be charged now with no email confirmation so you may want to check if you have been charged again.


Still haven’t been charged, or received an email saying there was an issue with my card. I’ll wait until tomorrow, @will did say 24-48 hours from yesterday. I’ll check back tomorrow and update.


My card has been charged today but there’s no email confirmation or any other indication if my order is shipped or not.


AFAIK your credit cards are getting charged as soon the order can be fullfilled (i.e. the devices are available in the warehouse) and with the charging the shipping process starts (i.e. packaging, labeling, posting, …) but the actual shipping info will only be sent out once the tracking information becomes available which will be a bit later as the shipping service is a 3rd party that has some lead time too.

See here also


Is there any way to check the order status? I received an email saying I needed to update my cc information 2 days ago, I’ve done that but still haven’t been charged.


I was charged about 3 days ago and haven’t received a shipment notification yet.


Hmm, today is sunday and I doubt Saturdays and Sundays the shipper will do anything.


@will can I have someone check on my order status tomorrow? I just received another email about updating my cc information, which I’ve already done and verified, and just checked the balance on the card, which has more than enough to cover the order.


I was charged Thursday of last week. No shipping info yet, but Will did say it could take weeks for the shipper to get the packages out the door due to there being 6000 packages.

I’m personally hoping to see my order shipping Monday.


The charge is listed as pending on my credit card with Nov 3rd as the purchase date, so something is being processed on the weekend. Still no shipping email but I got my order in quite early so I’m hoping it will ship Monday or Tuesday.

I’m still worried about huge brokerage fees on my Canadian order; I don’t mind the wait at this point but it’s the uncertainty that I want to end.


I’m hoping it’s not more than $50 CAD. Last time Customs charged me (for $30 US in hardware) $20 CAD ($3 for the customs fee on the hardware itself, and $15 for a customs processing fee plus taxes). Pretty sad…
It’s alright, we are getting what we want, soon :wink:


At least they give you guys free healthcare in Canada right? :slight_smile:


can’t complain, free healthcare and tons of snow to surf downhill :snowboarder: life is good :call_me_hand:


Woohoo, my order’s been charged, never felt happier about money dissapearing overnight.
I preordered mid February so I’ll have been looking forward to this for 9 months by the time it ships and gets here (France).

The real bonus is that I can finally also stop adding ‘just one more because I’m first in line and shipping is free’ items to my cart.


@will For USA shipments of you know if your shipping partner will be using USPS, FedEx, or UPS exclusively?

Just wondering what to expect.

Delivery of Mesh Pre-Orders?

too bad… no email, no charge, no notifications, checked the credit card every day, still nope. ordered the item right after the announcement from the email that they are “free shipping for the first 24 hours!

now… maybe I should send some inquiries to the support.


Hey there! We’re running another batch of cards to charge this morning. As of right now, I can see your card hasn’t charged yet, but I’ll check back this afternoon and see if it was processed or not!

Edit: just got word that the charges from today were completed. I checked on yours specifically and it was charged! Sorry for the delay in that, there was a small error with our billing API that was skipping over your email due to some casing issues. We’ve gotten that fixed now and you’re good to go!


Hello! I just tried checking on this but nothing came up under the email you used for the community here. Could you DM me the email that you used to place your pre-order? I’ll check on this for you!