Particle mesh schematic (or design files)

Now that Mesh hardware is delayed for October shipping but final HW is already in lockdown. Is there any chance we can already get the schematics? In this way we can anticipate on the delay and design a motherboard for the Mesh boards upfront.

For me in particular I’m interested in the Boron 2G/3G and Xenon devices. We want to integrate these in our new product line as soon as possible :).

The detailed design information is not available yet, however you can at least start planning with the final pinout (this is for the Xenon, but the others are the same):

And the Adafruit feather spec, that has the mechanical details like the pin location and spacing:


Ok thanks Rickass,

Do you have a date when these will be available?
I like to know what components are on the Mesh devices to figure out what’s missing for my application. Do I need to add a solar charger for example? Or does the battery management chip already support this?
I’m designing a motherboard for these new Mesh devices and want to know what I have to place extra on my board that is not supported by the mesh devices itself.

Hi again,

Another 8 days have passed. Could you tell me which type of power management chip the new Mesh devices will have? We’re planning to connect a 17V solar panel and need to know the specs of this chip.


@foxinode, looky here!

UPDATE: The Boron PMIC is the TI BQ24195L just like the Electron and E0 module.

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Ok, nice, I only now realize that there are two PMIC’s mentioned in the Electron schematics, the BQ24298 or BQ24195L. According to the datasheets neither will support a 17V solar panel (solar panel can exceed max operating voltages of both). They also lack MPPT feature.

@foxinode, there are a lot of topics on powering the Electron using a solar panel, many of which @RWB has contributed substantially to. A forum search may be a worthwhile investment of your time.

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@peekay123, yes I see and will look into those topics. In my case I’m stuck on the 17V 10W solar panel we already have and also need 5V supply generated from somewhere. I hope I can use the onboard PMIC of the particle boards in some way and would rather not bypass this chip. The beauty of a PMIC chip is that it can manage all sorts of power flows and tries to minimize battery load (less battery wear).

It would be nice for example if the Mesh hardware did expose Vsys of PMIC so I can generate 5V from it, in this way, it does not use the battery if the solar panel is supplying enough energy.

A schematic can help me figure out what is possible in this regard :slight_smile: .
I assume the Mesh devices don’t have Vsys exposed in any way just like Electron does not?

I will look into those solar topics now.