Particle Interactions: Interview with Clarissa San Diego 11/18 at 4pm PT

Tomorrow (11/18) at 4pm PT, we will have a very special Particle Interactions with new Developer Engagement person, Clarissa San Diego!

As some of you may have heard, I’m leaving Particle for a year to work on cool IoT stuff in the BuzzFeed Open Lab. We are very happy to announce that Clarissa is taking over as Particle’s community leader. Clarissa has a ton of experience, both from running SoDo Makerspace in Seattle and creating her own amazing projects, including this recent clever Internet Button project. Come hang out tomorrow and hear a bit more about Clarissa, and ask her some questions of your own!


:wink: How many months between your time zone and ours?

thanks, fixed

That’s the reason why you use UTC for Ham radio , to stop having to convert and workout what 4:00 PT around the world.

Thanks @christine! Looking forward to it and super excited to be part of the Particle Community.


Yup, but originally it tha date was 9/18 which would be timezone -1472 hours :wink:

:weary: I won’t be able to join live :weary:

Good luck with your new adventures @christine, sounds like a great opportunity!

Welcome to the community @clarissa looking forward to watching the delayed telecast of the interview :smile:

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Thanks for the welcome, @Hootie81! It’s going to be fun.

Check out the link here! See you in a few hours.