Particle Lunch Break Hangouts

##Wanna hang out?

Starting Friday 9/18, Particle will be holding an open hangout every Friday from 12pm-1pm PST.

For an invite to the hangout, just click this link! These used to be live, but now they’re just regular hangouts for you to come say hi, ask questions, talk about Particle, show a demo, or whatever!

See you there!


whats the URL for the livestream please?


My problem is im in Australia. so if you could give me a rough time i can arrange to be online. i am in GMT+10 timezone

Hi @tezza

Pacific time in California where Particle is located is currently on daylight-savings/summer time, and so is currently GMT-7, so you are 17 hours ahead. In a month or so, daylight-savings time will end and they will be GMT-8.

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@bko thanks for that. daylight savings start here in about a month so it will be later

I added the link!

TY Christine just worked out that lunchtime for you is 6AM

Hmmm. Rename to Particle Lunch / Australia Breakfast Break Hangouts? :grin:

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@christine watching the hangout, no audio though.

On any other Friday, a 3:00 PM hangout (in US Eastern) would be a perfect way to wrap up a week. I had to leave work early today. How did it go!? Was it recorded? Did @kmmonk cook for everyone? I could really go for some more of his cooking!

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Hehe. It was a chill time! Next time we’re going to try to do some mini hacking projects during the hangout.


I, for one, fully agree with that. Best jet-lag-breakfast EVER ;)! Next time @kmmonk cooks, and everybody else hacks. Then we can call it “The make & bake show:see_no_evil:

Come on, we’ve talked about this. Remember what the ‘cool kids’ are using this day? You’ve gotta keep up with the times. Try checking out this magical place called “Youtube”, which will automatically record a livestream for playback :wink:
to;du (too old, didn’t understand):
Click the link in the original post.
(Disclaimer: I :heart: @wgbartley, no offence meant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


This sounds so cool :smile:, but darn’ - now there is another :particle: highlight scheduled regularly and then it has to be Friday 9PM for me, where I’m regularly occupied otherwise.

I might be able to catch the second half, if I’m lucky, but I’ll try from time to time.

Ahhh! Missed this one… I hope I can make it next Friday…

No lunch break hangout today! Happy long weekend. I’ll be messing around with the way we run these and hopefully can bring you a more interesting format next week!

:heart:, Christine

Short and spooky Lunch Break Hangout today! Different members of the Particle team showing off Halloween costumes and hacks. Come say hi!

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Super cool hangout 1 hr from now with the very cool person behind the Q-shield, a quadcopter shield for Particle, and with an awesome new Particlite!