Particle integrated access control

Hey guys, as a part of a effort for a newly started makerspace in my district we created a system for building access control.

Our first pass at this used a ESP8266 with MQTT which we could not get to work fully so lately we wanted to test out how Particle would work with it, it turns out the integration to get a Photon to work in the same way using the Particle cloud functionality vs MQTT was really simple.

The project funnily enough is called “Gatekeeper” atm (rebrand may apply later if need be) and features support for RFID UID as a autentication atm (Yes it’s not “secure”, but we’re adding a keypad to our system as well soon), plans to expand into the Mifare EV1 standard if we can later on and also phone based NFC / Others if possible.

Suggestions are also welcome :smile: