Particle IFTTT up/down alerts

so I setup my Particle about a year ago to monitor up / down alerts for my sump pump power. Unfortunately my internet has small “blips” where it goes down for like a second… most of my devices don’t notice it except for my Particle and I get a TON of false alerts… is there a way to set the up / down alert to not be as sensitive and say that power is down for more than 5 minutes then alert? To me this would be much more useful. Please help, I got 8 alerts last night in the middle of the night and it’s quite annoying.

The solution is a Boolean expression, which is integrated into the IF clause and must also be TRUE.
In this project you can search for the var name ‘firstfire’ and the handling.

Hoe do you check for power loss, and how do you send the notifications?

how do I do that on the IFTTT website?

it’s just an active alert on that website.

Then that’s the expected behaviour. The cloud simply notifies you when the device comes online.
Using the ‘offline’ version might be an option, since there’s a bit of a lag on that.
Otherwise, you’ll have to implement some logic on the photon, and trigger it only when there’s a ‘real’ issue, rather than relying on ifttt.