Particle flash --factory

I am trying to flash on a Electron a very simple code for backup but I got this error:

Flash device failed: no files included

I downloaded the compiled *.bin file from the online Particle Builder.

What’s wrong?

How exactly do you try to flash the binary?

Put the electron in DFU mode (blinking yellow) conneted to the USB and I run the command

particle flash --factory emergency.bin

where emergency.bin is my custom code compiled

I don’t think you want to use




particle flash --serial emergency.bin

Why? I want to save the code into the backup memory area not the main.

Ahh, OK, my bad. I wasn’t getting that, my experience all goes to the flash – serial.

The actual command to flash a binary to the factory reset space would be

particle flash --usb emergency.bin --factory

But as we found out (when I tried it before posting here) that’s currently causing some problem.
An issue report has been raised.

Oh :sweat:

Ok for the moment I will survive using the SAFE MODE, I had some doubt using it with third party SIM but it seems it works…

Can you elaborate in what way you’d facilitate the factory default firmware?
Do you anticipate your device needing to be “factory reset” by a user/customer?

Yes kind of, but I was trying the way of “facotry reset” just because I did’t realize that SAFE MODE can accomplish the job as well…

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