Particle firmware update on mesh products


Can I use the particle app to update mesh firmware without refreshing tinker? I have Boron installed in the field with v0.9.0 and having some connection issues. I wanted to update this without refreshing my user code, is that possible?


Hey @Mjones,

Unfortunately, you need to recompile your app for the target OS you want to use. If you do a cloud update for a new target OS it will update the OS and the app appropriately.

Hopefully that makes sense!


@jaredwolff that does make sense for OTA flashing. I was hoping to put the boron in listening mode and scan with the app, basically like a fresh claim, but only for the firmware update.


A few pointers -
have you tested the target DeviceOS (assuming 1.4.0) with the app running on 0.9 yet? If not this is strongly advisable as you may brick a device in the field.
If you have physical access to the device then why not use the command line to do the DeviceOS update (assuming testing above passed :slight_smile: )


Using the CLI would work, I didn’t think about that on site yesterday. I have tested the firmware on 1.4.0 and everything is fine with it.