Particle electron Sim card usage


I am using particle electron for a while now, I am using particle sim card as well and my normal usage is between 3.5 to 4 MB a month , the device SO is 1.2.1, however, when I updated the device to Device OS:1.4.1 there is a big deference in data usage (same device same code ) and now my usage is 9 MB a month. any clarification about that please.

Thank you very much

Did you update the device OTA too?
How often does your device reconnect over a month?

yes, I updated it using OTA
what does you mean by how often the device reconnect? the device is online and i put time delay for 5 min to receive data every 5 min, hope that answered your question.


A device OS update will of course also consume extra data as it consists of (at least) three modules that need updating, each about 100+KB.
Also when your device frequently loses cloud connection for more than 23 minutes a new session needs to be created consuming about 6KB each time.
Under some circumstances (e.g. application driven) a re-handshake may occure more frequently.

To learn more about the possible reasons for your extra data cosumption we’d need to know more about the context in that this happens.

e.g. when have you updated? provides you with a graph for your data consumption, do you see a spike or a steady increase?

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thanks a lot and yes my device loses cloud frequently as you can see from the picture.


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