Handshaking Data Usage

I was wondering how much data disconnecting from and reconnecting to (using Cellular.off()/Cellular.on() ) the cellular connection costs in terms of data each time you do so or if there are resources available that could help me figure out the answer to this problem.

I’ve skimmed this guide, and it seems to suggest every time I reconnect to the cloud it would cost 6kB each time, but also that there are sleep modes available that would cost less data (but I’m assuming only for Electron?).

Cheers and thanks, in advance.

Welcome to the Particle Community. If you already have an Electron - I might suggest that you set it up and look on the Console for the Sim data usage. You have 3 months free use of the Sim which should be enough time to play and figure out what works best for your needs - responsiveness/data usage budget. Try some searches on the Particle Community as well.

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This post summarizes some of the tradeoffs between sleep modes and power and data usage:

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