Electron 3G- Power consumption

I’m new here and it will be my first topic :smile:
I need to send up to 16,5 kb of data via cellular periodically and i’m interesting about power consumption using by electron.
I’m going to bulid a wiress weather station which will be work only for sun battery or just baterry in cloudy days, so i have to know what is all consumption use for connect with celllular, sending data, and return to stand-by mode.
I want to send data only periodically, every 3 hours.
I live in a center of big town with well expanded 3G/4G cellular .

The only way to know is to log the power consumption while you’re doing exactly what you’re saying you’re going to do.

You could just use one of these to get a really good idea on power consumption:

Thank you so much!
But could you tell me what is the average time to connect with 3G cellular?
This would be very helpfull for me!
I would estimate power consumption in mah used to connect with cellular.

It depends on how far away you are from the cell tower since the cellular modem will increase and decrease transmit power based on signal strength.

There is way to many variables to try to get an accurate real world power consumption number.

If you want a worst case number to work with then just use two amps x your input voltage, and that will be the max power the Electron is known to pull.


Ok, but what is the average time to connect with 3G from sleep-mode/deep-sleep mode (when cellular is turn of) and send up to 16kb of data?

From SLEEP_MODE_DEEP with the cellular modem off (lowest power consumption) I’d say 30 seconds, but as little as 15 and as much as 60 seconds, depending on your cellular signal strength.

With the cellular modem left powered on and sleeping for less than 22 minutes (with a Particle SIM card), 1 second.


I’ve seen up to five minutes for one connection attempt and that’s also the timout periode for Cellular.connect() AFAIK (based on MDMA’s comment here)

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