Boron minimizing battery and data usage

Hello Everyone,
I’m in the middle of building sort of a GPS tracker type device. I have a Boron and an Ultimate GPS Featherwing. My questions right now revolve around how to limit battery consumption and also data usage. I understand at this time that I apparently can’t use sleep modes on the Boron.

My confusion revolves around I intend to upload coordinates occasionally (1-15 minutes possibly depending on location difference). If I turn off the cellular during these intervals, do I have to spend the 4400 bytes required to reconnect to the cloud? Or will my session be saved?

Is the penalty in both data and mA greater if I turn the radio off and on, or just leave it be?


On the Electron, turning off the modem uses more power if you sleep for less than 12 minutes. The same sort of thing will likely apply to the Boron, though it’s a little bit harder to quantify until sleep modes are implemented.

However you will definitely incur both a time to cellular reconnect (blinking green) and a session resume if you turn off the modem. On the Boron LTE, the idle current with cellular on is a little over 20 mA, less than half of that of the Electron 3G, so I would lean against trying to turn the modem on and off right now.

When sleep modes are supported, that position may change.