Particle Electron not reachable every 10 minutes

Just starting my tests with Electron and noticed that I am often not able to flash device over the air despite the indicator showing cloud connection is OK.

While troubleshooting - i noticed an unexpected behavior - it loses connection to cloud every 10 minutes (exactly) for about 60 seconds (maybe less).

Replication scenario:

  • activate device through Setup and deploy the firmware with custom APN settings;
  • run an infinite loop of commands turning onboard LED on and off (replace mydevicename with yours):

$ while true; do particle call mydevicename digitalwrite D7,HIGH && particle call mydevicename digitalwrite D7,LOW; date; done

  • notice the LED blinking and freezes every 10 minutes in one of the phases (turned on or off). In terminal notice subsequent timeout errors:

Sun Apr 10 12:57:00 PDT 2016 Function call failed Timed out. Sun Apr 10 12:57:32 PDT 2016 Function call failed Timed out. Sun Apr 10 12:58:03 PDT 2016

Disregarding the issue for a second…
If I’m not mistaken, you’re making a ridiculous amount of REST requests, which is not only a bit unkind for the service, but will eat up your data like there’s no tomorrow.

Due to the way the Electron handles communications, there’s no such thing as a online/offline state, but a ‘last seen’ at best. That’s yet to be implemented in the interfaces, so you shouldn’t (always) trust the little indicators for Electrons.

Thanks for reply!
Due to network latency and the fact that each request is blocking, the total QPS for my command line command is below 60 per minute and am using my own SIM card, so data consumption is not an issue.
Is there a limit enforced on Particle cloud API calls?

My concern was that at most time i try to push OTA update it fails.