Particle disconnecting constantly

hi all,

My there are a couple of my Borons that are showing the following events quite constantly, sometimes every 2 or 3 minutes:
spark/status — online
particle/device/updates/enabled — true

particle/device/updates/forced — false
particle/device/updates/pending — false

from what I understand, it means the Boron is losing connectivity, then I guess it tries a few times, and when it connects again, it sends those events. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong?

How can I troubleshoot the reason of this happening? what kind of records can I get, or what publish can I make to understand why is it losing connectivity? may be the cellular antenna strength is too low? both Borons are fluctuating between 20 - 30% strength throughout the day.

I would assume all these events cost data operations and cellular data. How can I reduce these events? is there a way to avoid this from happening so often?

Any inputs will be greatly appreciated!


First - these events are not Data Operations, just to be clear.

Regular resets like this can point to a lot of things - the best thing to do first is check to see what the device does in Safe Mode.

The next step is to use our Cloud Debug tool to grab logs and get a sense of what’s going on!

thanks marekparticle!

we had a technician on site and he notified us one of the device was on SOS mode. It is on me, and I’m reviewing the code to see where it’s crashing.



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